Stephanie Walter

So, this is me...The little bald baker. I have Alopecia which is a rare autoimmune disease that attacks your hair, hence the no hair. I've lived with alopecia over 20 years and in 2009 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and was forced to go gluten free.

I really struggled with going gluten free. It was nearly impossible to find gluten free food that actually tasted good or wasn't dry and heavy like a brick. I've always loved baking and started experimenting and developed by own flour blend. My flour blend is unique and locks in moisture and makes baked goods light and airy and oh so delicious.

I started out as a gluten free cooking school (Guess What's Cooking) sold at local farmers markets, specialty stores, bakeries, online and through my Etsy store.

My products have changed over the years to include multiple allergies besides gluten and my custom mixes are free of the top 8 allergies. I have a dedicated gluten free, peanut and tree nut free kitchen and most of my products are also dairy/soy and egg free, too!

I'm proud to offer great tasting goodies to accommodate most allergies and I'm always happy to create something special to accommodate your allergies, just ask.


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