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5 Reviews

Julie Norris

25 February 2023

25 February


I’ve ordered gluten free sugar cookies and holiday kits for friends. The cookies are delicious and the icing in the kits is beautifully made and very easy to us...
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Stephanie Walter

03 January 2023

03 January



Kellee Konieczny

My children have life threatening food allergies to dairy, egg, peanuts , tree nut, wheat, barley, rye, she'll and beef. I have purchase multiple items from this bakery and they all have been safe and my children love the chocolate cupcakes the most.

Thank you for making safe and fun items for my children.

Feb 14, 2022
Nicole N Paul Kress

I can not sing the praises of Stephanie from Guess What’s Cooking enough. My son has 11+ food allergies and not only was she able to make the cutes sugar cookies ever...they tasted amazing!!! It’s so tough to find safe foods and to find them that look amazing and taste great is rare! But these cookies fit every bucket!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

Feb 14, 2022

Was able to ship this overseas to the UK with no problem and it arrived in perfect condition, very happy with this product!

Feb 14, 2022